Excimer light treatment shows promise in vitiligo

The Vitiligo Centre Australia is excited to be trialling Excimer light treatment.

Whilst available overseas, the Excimer system has only recently arrived in Australia.  The Excimer lamp is a form of targeted phototherapy that delivers a specific wavelength (308 nm) of ultraviolet B radiation to the skin. The 308-nm wavelength is reported to be particularly effective at disrupting the immune cells (T-lymphocytes) responsible for destroying the pigment cells in the skin (melanocytes) resulting in the development of vitiligo. The 308nm wavelength has also been shown to stimulate pigment cell (melanocyte) proliferation and migration from within the hair follicles of the skin.

The Excimer 308nm system appears to have many potential advantages when compared to traditional phototherapy (light treatment) for vitiligo:

  • Only the vitiligo skin is treated without the normal surrounding skin being exposed to ultraviolet radiation
  • Different sized templates are available to treat difficult areas such as around the eyes ears, mouth and genitals
  • Since the treatment is targeted only to vitiligo areas, and only a specific wavelength (308nm) is utilised, a higher dose of ultraviolet radiation can be safely delivered to skin
  • The treatment duration is much less than traditional phototherapy (light treatment)
  • Being smaller and less “frightening” in appearance compared to traditional phototherapy, children can be more easily treated

The Vitiligo Centre Australia is currently trialling the 308 Excimer Lamp on a number of our paediatric and adult vitiligo patients. If we are happy with the results we will purchase the technology and offer this treatment to all suitable patients for the treatment of their vitiligo.

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