Make up

Opaque cosmetics with light reflecting properties and the appropriate shade of brown pigment, applied uniformly are very effective at reducing or masking completely the appearance of white patches caused by vitiligo.

Each skin type, depending on whether it be dry, oily, normal or sensitive, will require a specific type of cosmetic camouflage formulation (facial foundation) to be selected. Facial powders that match the skin tone are then applied to set the camouflage make up and prevent it smudging off.

It is very important to use products that do not irritate the skin as the development of redness and flaking particularly if associated with itch may trigger extension of the vitiligo in the area applied. A test patch to a small area of vitiligo is best applied on several different occasions initially to ensure one is not sensitive to a particular camouflage make-up. Camouflage make-up applied to the face or neck should be removed each night before bed using a gentle liquid fragrance free cleanser. A fragrance-free pH 5.5 moisturiser should then be applied before sleep.