Psychological support

Mental stress may trigger patches to occur on the skin and hence must be controlled

As Vitiligo is also a psychological and social disease, it’s important to factor in the resulting mental stress and try methods like Yoga, meditation, pursuing a hobby etc. to stay positive and keep you in control of your vitiligo rather than your vitiligo controlling you.

If you are having problems coping with your vitiligo then speak to your Dermatologist. If needed, your Dermatologist can enlist the help of camouflage experts to mask your vitiligo until treatment has been given a chance to help, or the help of other medical specialists such as psychiatrists or psychologists to help deal with problems of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Make sure you reach out to family and friends for support and make contact with vitiligo groups and organisations where you can be put in touch with people with vitiligo just like themselves, who have felt exactly the same way in the past.