Your first visit

It is important you bring along to your first visit all the treatments you have previously been recommended or prescribed for your vitiligo.

Your first visit at The Vitiligo Centre Australia is a 30-minute visit which starts initially with a detailed questionnaire outlining your general medical history and then vitiligo history, paying particularly attention to your diet, the evolution of your vitiligo and the treatments that have been tried in the past. In addition, a confidential Quality of Life Questionnaire will be completed to help us determine the impact your vitiligo is having on your emotional state and self-esteem. Baseline digital and/or computerised photographs will be taken to enable accurate tracking of your progress after treatment commences.  You may also be required to undertake blood tests to look for some of the disease associations of vitiligo such as thyroid disease and deficiencies of vitamins.

After a thorough assessment and examination, a treatment plan best suited to your vitiligo type will be outlined including traditional medical options, dietary and psychological support.