Stress and vitiligo

Medical Research has shown that there is a strong link between vitiligo and stress.

Many studies around the world have shown that stress may have contributed to the onset of vitiligo. In some studies, up to 65% of responders could associate a significant stress with the onset of their vitiligo. Such stress, included not only negative stress such as loss of loved ones by death or separation, relocation resulting in loss of friends, accidents or major illness, marital or financial problems, but also a stress that would normally be seen as a positive life event such as having a baby, starting a new business or renovating a home.

Once diagnosed, vitiligo causes significant anxiety and disruption to one’s life leading to further psychological stress and a vicious cycle of stress-vitiligo-stress-vitiligo.

Identifying individuals at risk of disease worsening as a result of psychological stress, and implementing measures to reduce the impact of such stress on their vitiligo, is essential to achieve maximum benefit from treatment.